Andrology Institute of India

Announcing the establishment of the Andrology institute of india (aii) & the andrology institute of america (aia) joint venture. we are looking for a reliable partner

About the Company

The AII-AIA joint venture will be under the directorship and guidance of Prof. Dr Panos Zavos, who is a world renowned leader in andrological clinical services, and is a true pioneer in all fields of reproductive medicine. Throughout the world he is commonly referred to as "The Father of Andrology".

The Andrology Institute of America

and The Andrology Institute of India

JV International Affiliates


The Andrology Institute of America and the Andrology Institute of India joint venture are proud to work with their esteemed international affiliates. Founded by Prof. Zavos, these sister companies operate on the same high level of quality and customer satisfaction. Contact your closest affiliate.